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The Ultimate College Preparation Checklist

The Ultimate College Preparation Checklist

February 06, 2023

The Ultimate College Preparation Checklist

Going off to college is a huge step for young people. This could be the first time they've ever traveled alone. Following these steps can help make dropping off college-bound students a little less emotional.

Accept that the Parent-Child Dynamic Has Changed

Your kid will forever require your attention and care. Parents should remember that their new role is that of guide rather than boss.

Make the Move Simple

Don't stay in the moving van. Your youngster will feel embarrassed by the size of their dorm room. Just remember to bring what you need.

You can arrange for a school pickup of your preordered soap, bedding, shower caddy, etc. As a result, you'll have more room in your vehicle or airplane.

Don’t Leave “The Talk” to the Drop-off

Though there are many opportunities for growth and development at university, parents should have candid conversations about issues like their children's safety, their expected level of responsibility and financial responsibility, and their expectations for maintaining contact.

Take care not to carelessly discard it. It would be inappropriate and cause unnecessary disruption to the event.

Time to Learn Financial Responsibility

Children have financial needs. If you want to donate something more long-term, like a debit card, consider opening an account that will be funded on a monthly or semester basis. Budgeting is best learned in college.

Take the Lead from Your Child

Allow your child to pick out their own items to bring. Do not get into a dispute with your partner about the dust skirts for your beds. We should be lenient with failure. It really is the optimal solution.

To help you know when to depart, your kid might give you a signal. Listen. They'll have to find some new roomies. Your child may decide to have an unscheduled dinner with their new roommate instead of the final "good-bye dinner," so don't take it personally if you don't see them.