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James S.  Mendelson, LUTCF

James S. Mendelson, LUTCF

Financial Representative

Count on James to help you achieve your objectives because of his broad knowledge and expertise as well as his sincerity and compassion. He can also provide strategies that are both forward-looking and clever, and he can also provide continuous assistance and smart counsel as needed.

Because he participates in every stage of the process and communicates with others, he sees his method as the most effective. Listening to you and learning about your past, preferences, and long-term objectives is the best approach to begin a fruitful program, according to him. Get in touch with him as soon as possible to get the ball rolling. In addition, he may connect you to additional professionals, such as tax, financing, or legal experts, to assist you in developing your team of advisors, based on your requirements.

  • Specific or Comprehensive Insurance Reviews. For Business, Individuals or Estates
  • IRS Section 162
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • SOLO IRA or SEP, Rollover IRA and More
  • Defined Benefit, Cash - Money Purchase or Combination Pension Plan
  • Profit Sharing, 401-(k)
  • Review of old retirement plans, frozen plans
  • IRMAA - to help defend Social Security Income distributions
  • Employee Key People incentive Tax and Bonus Plans
  • Whole Group - Retirement Plans on laddered basis
  • Tax-Deferred Fixed Annuities, Indexed, with floor guarantees and lifetime payout
  • Single Premium Deferred Annuities; and Immediate Income Annuities
  • Life Insurance - Term, Indexed Universal, Whole, Survivorship for Key Person, Partnerships, Loan Protection, Family and Trusts
  • Disability Income Insurance & Long-term Care Insurance - for just select owners or executives or select class or all employee, Simplified underwriting for larger groups
  • No cost to Employer, Employee Option Benefit Plans

James is life insurance licensed in NY and NJ.